Cheap Hearthstone Packs

Use VengaDragon’s links and buy Amazon Coins to get discounted Hearthstone packs or spend the coins on other games. The good news is your packs are cheaper, you save money and VengaDragon gets a commission without increasing the cost of your Amazon Coins.

Get Amazon Coins

Start by Clicking this Amazon Coins Link and buy the Amazon Coins. 100 Amazon Coins are worth $1.00. Discounts up to 20% are usually available. From time to time there are special deals. The more coins you buy the bigger the discount. For example, 1,000 Amazon Coins costs you $9.00 and you can purchase $10.00 worth of packs.

If you’re looking to pre-purchase packs for Ashes of Outland you will need 8,000 Amazon Coins for the 90-Pack Mega Bundle and 5,000 Amazon Coins for the 55-Pack Pre-Purchase Bundle.

How to use Coins

If you don’t have an Android device then you must use an Android emulator. BlueStacks4 is an excellent free option. Get the BlueStacks4 Android Emulator: Visit the Download Page follow the instructions and proceed to Step 1.

If you have an Android device then uninstall Hearthstone from your device and proceed to Step 1:

How to Step 1:

Get Amazon Appstore. If Hearthstone is already installed on your device, you’ll need to delete the Hearthstone app first. After making sure there is no version of Hearthstone on your device. Download the Amazon Appstore to your device by clicking on the Amazon Appstore Link

Search for Hearthstone

Installing Amazon Appstore

To avoid confusion you need the Amazon Appstore not the Amazon Shopping app. The Amazon Appstore is the only app that allows you to use Amazon Coins for purchasing.

How to Step 2:

You must have the Amazon Appstore version of Hearthstone. Log into the Amazon Appstore then find the free Hearthstone app and install a clean version from the Appstore. The Amazon Appstore version allows you to buy card packs and goodies using Amazon Coins.

Step 3: Open Hearthstone on your device and goto the shop and purchase your packs using the Amazon Coins pay method. After clicking the buy button in Hearthstone, it should look something like this image.

Amazon Coins do not expire and can be used on other game purchases. By purchasing Amazon Coins from the links on this page, you help the VengaDragon Community. You get discounted packs, VengaDragon gets a commission with no increase to the cost of your Amazon Coins.

It’s easier than it looks. There are members of the VengaDragon Twitch Community who have saved money by using the above method. If you have any questions then stop by the VengaDragon Twitch Channel and ask. There are plenty of people who will be glad to help you.