Hi, I’m VengaDragon, an American in Europe (+6 hours to NY) here to build a Community with you. I talk about game strategy and will discuss what’s happening IRL.

The community aspect and making friends is what brought me to streaming, so it’s important to me. I like to remain positive because together, we don’t always win, but we can cheer for each other and uplift our mood.

Be prepared to hear, “VENGA!” shouted once in a while and by following on Twitch you become an official Vengangsta.

My goals are to bring you a cool stream, learn how to stream better so I can help others, kick-ass at Hearthstone and have fun.

I’m also an avid poker player so I may stream Texas Hold’em from time to time. I love Hip Hop, Rock, Heavy Metal and R&B. I’m pretty new to Hearthstone and think it’s the best card game after poker.

I apply concepts that I have learned in poker to Hearthstone, so occasionally I go into poker face mode.

Let’s do this! VENGA!